Come Fly With Us!

As you might know, REACH partners with Air Hollywood and Crew Presidential to offer a free program to assist families living with autism rediscover the confidence, comfort, and enjoyment of air travel.

On Saturday, May 6th, Air Hollywood, the world’s largest aviation-themed entertainment studio, will host our eighth Open Sky for Autism – a public service event that equips families living with Autism and other developmental disabilities to manage their unique challenges experienced during air travel. As you can imagine, the idea of traveling can trigger an immense amount of anxiety, frustration, and uncertainty to those families. The cost of the event for families is free as it allows for vital acclimation and repetition during a commercial airport and passenger flight simulation.

However, we need your help in order to continue this amazing program. Our goal is to raise $3,000 which would allow us to host 2 Open Sky for Autism Events this year and cover the associated expenses such as lunch for the families, housing, and transportation costs for the Crew Presidential who donate their time to those families- making this unique experience so valuable. Can’t donate cash? How about your unused hotel points? Anything helps!

Since 2014, the Open Sky for Autism program has helped more than 800 families. REACH Services and Crew Presidential – provide expert, hands-on assistance to ensure a safe and educational experience.

We are so grateful for your support of Open Sky for Autism and our amazing families living with Autism.

For more information about the event, Air Hollywood and Crew Presidential, please visit and

It’s easy to support the event today! Simply click the donate button below and designate your gift to ‘Open Sky for Autism.’