About Us

Founded in 1969, the Resource for Education, Advocacy, Communication, and Housing (REACH) is a private, non-profit organization that supports individuals with a variety of lifelong disabilities including Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Down’s syndrome and related medical and/or behavioral disorders. Our history of achievements is the result of strong community and family support and an organizational culture that continually seeks to remove barriers and change the limiting cultural stereotypes long associated with this population. REACH currently serves people in the Southeast Los Angeles, San Gabriel Valley and North Orange County areas.

Who We Are

  • We are an agency of professionals who assume competence in all individuals
  • We are Speech and Language Specialists and others working to train persons

    Formerly known as WAPADH, REACH was renamed in 2016.

    on being better communication partners.

  • We are able to use strategies that increase the person’s use of speech, body language, and technology so that they are actively participating in the conversation and learning.
  • Our focus is not only on the individual with the severe communication impairment, but also on the communication partners.
  • The overall goal is for an individual to have the most efficient means of communication available.
  • We know it is best to team with the educators, occupational therapist, behavioral support persons, and families and strive to work with teams who focus on the individual.
  • Our agency is able to provide services in our therapy office or at your site. We are listed as a Non Public Agency with the California Department of Education. (> To request a Non Public Agency packet email cburke@reach.services)

“Communication is like breathing.” – Joey Rosenbloom

Our Vision

  • Our vision is to support families and teams who are not currently receiving communication services, and have to use unacceptable practice to receive support in their homes. This compromise is not necessary.
  • People can change the way they view individuals with severe communication impairments and developmental disorders when the assume competence of all.
  • We are all communicators and with today’s technology and knowledge individuals who don’t speak are also showing the ability to communicate.
  • Communication is what allows us to connect with others, and develop long lasting as well as short term yet important relationships.
  • When provided with the appropriate supports individuals with severe communication impairments are able to show their understanding, and contribution.
  • Knowledge is functional. Education is appropriate for all.
    Without communication it is difficult to participate in education, personal goals, and every day life. A program that chooses to deny a person access to communicate can not be accepted as a program in the persons best interest.
  • There is a shortage in professionals who understand communication for those who are severely communication impaired. REACH’s Communication Services offer trainings to those who support these individuals to create a communicative environment for all.

It is our vision, at REACH, that all persons will have their right to communicate fulfilled.

“Knowledge IS functional.” – Darlene Hanson