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Communication is what allows us to connect with others and develop important relationships in our lives. The overall goal of Communication Services at REACH is for an individual to have the most efficient means of communication available. We are able to use strategies that increase the person’s use of speech, body language and technology so that they are actively participating in conversation and learning. More…

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Delta Services

Delta Services is a program which lends support and training to individuals interested in becoming more independent in their community. More…

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Supported Living is a housing philosophy committed to giving consumers a choice in where and how they live. The idea of Supported Living is a simple concept which enables a consumer to join with REACH to receive whatever assistance is necessary for the person to live in a decent and secure home of their own choosing. REACH believes that regardless of your disability, each person can live in a home of their own given the necessary supports. Even if you need continuous support 24 hours a day, REACH can help you find and coordinate support so you can live in a home of your own. More…

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Care: Intelligent movement for health and sustainability. Discover innovative neuromuscular re-education for self-care and support the treatment of neurological, orthopedic, chrinic pain, and stress-related conditions. “Making the impossible, possible…

Performance:  Personal ergonomics for daily function, fitness & creative activities.  enjoy ease and efficiency, improve coordination, manage stress, and experience vital, dynamic posture. “Making the possible, easy…”

Potential: Optimal performance and enhanced personal growth.  Expand awareness to experience excellence in sports and performing arts, and profound physical, psychological and emotional growth. “Making the easy, elegant…”

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