Communication Services


Speech and Language Assessment

Assessments include both standardized testing and observations, inventories may be used as well. The assessment is conducted at our site and within the natural context. The amount of time needed is dependent on the person and the communication partners. A report is included with this service.

Speech and Language Therapy

We provide speech language and augmentative communication services. Therapy is designed to create a more communicative environment. Direct services can include speech therapy, oral motor therapy, language development, use of AAC, use of FC and fading, coaching of communication partners, and more. Therapy with certified staff. Sessions can be one clinical hour (50 min.) or one half hour. Sessions are held in our office.

Augmentative and Assistive Technology Assessment

Augmentative and Alternate Communication (AAC) and Assistive Technology (AT) evaluations include interview, observation at your site, assessment of both low tech and high tech systems, and report writing.

Communication Workshops

These monthly workshops provide an opportunity for individuals and their families, staff, teachers, etc. to receive some personal coaching on how to use augmentative communication systems.  These workshops are free-of-charge but you MUST make a reservation.  Please call Patricia@ 562-946-0467  x107 if you would like to attend.  Click here for a complete list of future dates.

Communication Coaching

Coaching can be conducted at our site, or within the individual’s natural environment. Coaching is provided by trained staff. The goal of coaching is to explain the communicative needs of the individual and support the team and communication partners in learning to support the greatest level of communication possible for the person, with the least amount of support.

AAC/AC support

We are available to support your communication and technology needs. We can teach individuals to use their equipment more efficiently. We can develop low tech communication systems, program high tech equipment, and train communication partners to use the technology.

“Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change.” – Wayne Dyer

Training seminars

Seminars are designed for both small and large group trainings. They can be presented at your site, or in our classroom setting. Topics can include inclusion, being a communication partner, Facilitated Communication, communication and processing for persons with Autism or other developmental disabilities, and creating a communicative environment, as well as other customized topics to meet your needs. Trainings can be 3 hours, or two days depending on your goals.

Off Line Consultations

Clients can provide a DVD of themselves and their communication partners. The DVD will be reviewed. There is a one-hour phone consultation following the review of the DVD. The client places the phone call. A written summary will follow the phone call.
Rates are subject to change and will be determined on an individual basis prior to implementation of service.


Language Ladder Activities