Board of Directors

Chris Torres

Board President

Husband, Father, Brother, Great Uncle, Advocate for those in Need, Volunteer, Tri-Athlete, Business Insurance Consultant, Singer of Show Tunes and current Board President of REACH.

Brady Miller-Wakeham

Board Vice President

At a young age, I learned the importance of communication, inclusion and presuming competence from my parents. Their philosophies influenced the entire family to go into work supporting people with disabilities in education and the community. REACH was my first summer job as a student in the late 90’s. Later, I worked for nearly a … Read More

Barbara Granillo

Board Treasurer

As a parent of our son that has special needs, I always thought that there was more to his life. We first began to get involved at the “DCH” (Development Center for the Handicapped) level and did our best in fundraising for trips, items, etc. I now have been involved with REACH for many years. In … Read More

Tina Sawires

Board Secretary

With a master’s degree in education, I have worked in the fields of education and social services, as well as in real estate. I have been blessed with six children and six grandchildren. One of my children has Autism and has been in the Supported Living Program with REACH for the past 12 years. I … Read More

Yolanda Garcia

Board Member

I grew up and have been a part of the Whittier community for over 30 years. I have been an advocate for the community as an educator for students in the Whittier area and currently own the art boutique and gallery, Casita del Pueblo, in Uptown. I also have been doing consulting work with the … Read More

Ben Zequeira-Russell

Board Member

As a psychologist in the field over the last 15 years I have developed a passion for people on the autism spectrum and improving the opportunities for meaning and inclusion in their lives. Serving on the board of REACH enables me the opportunity to support the strength based and unique approach of REACH. Over the last couple of … Read More

Virginia Wylie

Board Member

I have been a resident of Whittier for most of my adult life. I have been a special education teacher for over 9 years; specifically with the Moderate to Severe population (Autism, OI, ID. etc) But it is my close family relationship with Mr. Mario Navarro that has lead me to aspire to be a … Read More

Ruri Pierre

Board Member

I have had a relationship with REACH from the days of WAPADH, back in 1984. I have always been very impressed with how the organization, staff and parents, are compassionate and dedicated to the enhancement of their consumers. I wanted to be a part of REACH for their forward thinking of how to grow the … Read More

Linda Brand

Board Member

Retired Oncology nurse from PIH. Lived in Whittier for over 40 years raising a family. Parent and advocate of an autistic son who is in the REACH Supported Living Program. I served as a past president of WAPADH/REACH. As a a parent of a child with special needs I have served to support and advocate … Read More

Rita Rubin

Board Member

As the parent of a child, now an adult, with autism, I quickly realized that I had to become an advocate for her and other people with special needs.  To that end, I have served on several boards of directors, often in leadership positions, including the East Los Angeles Regional Center, the Community Advisory Council … Read More

Steven Labadie

Board Member

Locally born and raised in neighboring Pico Rivera. Proud product of the public school and CSU system. Working in the accounting office of the Whittier Union High School District since 2010.  A trained historian with a passion for the ancient world and pre-empire Rome. Devoted husband and father of a young family who wishes there … Read More